Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Watson Point








These photos were taken on 31 December 2004.  They show the remaining buildings at Camp Riley, Watson Pt. and 4 of the 5 "multi-plate" type magazines along Cascade Creek Rd.  At least one of the magazines along Cascade Creek originally had a 10-15 foot steel pipe that extended the entrance.  This was then buried with some rocks and camouflaged.  Check out Chris Wiles's photo of a complete "multi-plate" magazine at Dutch Harbor.





Watson Point from near the AAAIS tower on the Harbor Mountain Ridge.


This warehouse clearly shows its original green paint.  It will be demolished soon.






The other warehouse at Watson Pt. was demolished during the Fall of 2004.


A closer view of the warehouse above






The Camp Riley Army firehouse as it appears today.


A view in the window of the firehouse shows a typical Army paint scheme, darker color below, lighter color above.






Engine No. 1 of the Sitka Volunteer Fire Department sits inside the Army firehouse.  The warehouses and old firehouse were used during the construction of the new Sitka fire station.


This house along Cascade Creek Rd.  Is built on top of the 4th of five ammunition magazines that served Anti Motor Torpedo Boat (AMTB) battery 1 at Watson point.






The interior of the second of the five magazines along Cascade Creek Rd. 


The entrance to the second of the magazines.  The first magazines was destroyed.  Today a yellow house sits on the foundation.






The second entrance to the 2nd of the 5 magazines along Cascade Creek Rd.


This is the 3rd magazine.  One can clearly see steel plates that make up the "multi-plate
magazine."  Note that the concrete pad extends past the current door the magazine.  This this is where the extended entrance was.






The fifth of the magazines is a house today.


The second entrance to the 5th magazine.


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