Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Watson Point








The two following Army documents are from the "Supplement to the Harbor Defense Project, Harbor Defenses of Sitka" dated 1944.    This is an Army status report that was classified until 1962.  This document is often referred to as the "Annexes."  I scanned the pages and cleaned up the 'dirt' from the copy machines.
The last three documents are from a member of the Thielke family who currently resides in Juneau.  The Thielke family homesteaded at Watson Point in the 1930s and had built a small home by 1942 when they were forced out to make room for the Anti Motor Torpedo Boat battery.  They received a sum of $600 for the improvements to their land.  They did not get the land back after the war.



This document shows the area around Watson Pt.  The guns today are buried under the 7th Day Adventists church and nearby trailer park.  SeaMart grocery store is near gun No. 1.



Annex 28B






This document shows both AMTB batteries as constructed.  The one in RED is Watson Point, AMTB battery No. 1.  The 2nd battery was on Whale Island, and the Whale Island gun emplacements remain today.



Annex 4A








The Purchase Order for the Thielke families improvements to their land.


The letter accompanying the purchase order.







The USFS letter notifying them that they can no longer live at Watson Pt.




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