Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Shoals Point








Recent photos of Battery 290 at Shoals Point.  These photos are from 2004 and 2005.





The BC (top level) / CRF (lower level) on top of Battery 290.  The station is at a slight angle to that of the battery.


The BC/CRF station for Battery 290 located on top of the battery.  Note the lack of backfill on the battery.






Battery 290 as seen from the beach at Shoals Pt.  The BC/CRF station is just barely visible in the trees.


This is the view to the left, zoomed in on the BC/CRF station for battery 290.






The front corridor of Battery 290, looking toward gun 2.  The wooden doors at left lead to the powder room for gun 2.


The inch-thick steel shutters for the BC/CRF station windows are still sitting on their crate in one of the shell rooms for gun 1.






The power room for Battery 290.


The electrical conduits are still on the ceiling of the power room.  Note the bamboo pads on the ceiling to dampen the echos.







One of the Seabees left a note on a work bench in a powder room.  The Army cancelled construction at Shoals Pt. in 1944.








My friend Doug on the gun mount for gun No. 1 of Battery 290.  The guns are extremely overgrown, as the concrete aprons were not constructed.


The bolts of gun No. 2.






Gun 2


Another view of Gun No. 2


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