Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Sasedni Island








The following photos were taken March 5th, 2006





The 20mm Battery from the north


The 20mm battery from the beach






Gun No. 1 of the 20mm Battery


Gun No. 2






Gun No. 3 squished under a driftwood log


Gun No. 4






Me by gun No. 2


This southwest view shows Gun No. 2 with Kirushkin and Makhnati Islands in the background.  See this view in WWII


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There are about 6 of these metal pieces scattered behind some dirt walls just south of the 20mm battery.


A steel piece with the earth walls behind






Metal piece


Metal piece






This fire hydrant guard is next to the Officers' Quarters.


A telephone pole between the fire hydrant and Officers' Quarters foundation






The south half of the Officers Quarters foundation.


This boiler is still located in the center of the Officers' Quarters structure.


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