Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Sasedni Island








The first 4 photos are from the John W. Failor Collection at the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka, Alaska.  Mr. Failor served in the 205 CA with two brothers.  The 205th arrived in Sitka in early 1941 and stayed until 1943.   The 205th manned a 3-inch AA battery on Sasedni Island.

The next three photos are also from the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka, Alaska.  They are of sailors practicing on the 20mm guns at the Sasedni Island 20mm battery.





(I do not have the museum number for this photo.)  This is one of the 205th CA 3-inch AA guns at an unknown location.


8575 - Here men are placing a 3-inch gun in its emplacement.






8576 - This is John Failor building one of the emplacements on Sasedni Island.


8577 - Here a crane lowers a 3-inch AA gun into its emplacement.  Note that the causeway is in the background.






5154 - Sailors at the Sasedni Island 20mm Battery


5155 - A sailor fires a 20mm gun on Sasedni Island







A sailor poses with gun 3 of the Sasedni Island 20mm Battery.  See this view today




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