Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Olga Point, Krestof Island








All photos from 25 June 2005





This rectangular pit is the easternmost of the three possible 75mm positions.


This another view of the pit.






This pile of cement bags is just behind the eastern 75mm position.


These roots were cut when the pit was dug.






The pile of cement bags is between the center and eastern 75mm positions.


This is the center 75mm position.  It is a concrete rectangle about 15 by 10 feet.






This is the end of a staircase that ends at the center 75mm position.  A collapsed cabin is at the top of the hill and is still marked on many current maps.


This is the center 75mm position.  Note the side of the concrete work to the left.






We dug a small hole to see if there were any bolts to mount the guns.  There were not, so the 75mm guns were probably mobile.


This is the view of Neva Straight from the possible 75mm gun positions.


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