Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Harbor Mountain








These Photos are from June 2004





This is a view of the collapsed Anti Aircraft Artillery Intelligence Station (AAAIS) tower.


Another view of the AAAIS tower






AAAIS tower


This is a pile of gravel from Indian River.  The Army used Indian River gravel in all of the concrete construction in the Sitka area.  Note the SCR-271 radar site on the hill.






This si a view looking north from the AAAIS site.  Notice the SCR-271 radar site.


This is another view of the radar site from the AAAIS site.






The Harbor Mountain USFS picnic shelter is built on top of the SCR-271 radar building and tower foundation.


The SCR-271 radar site.  Note the original corduroy road.






The SCR-271 site from the anti-aircraft machine gun tower site.


The SCR-271 site from the anti-aircraft machine gun tower site.







The SCR-271 radar position.  Note the concrete pad for electrical equipment in the foreground.








This is the remains of the supply building.


Another view of the supply building






Close up of the electrical conduits


The supply shed is slowly becoming overgrown.






One of the concrete pads next to the radar position


This is the bigger of the two concrete pads by the radar building.






The latrine holes are still very obvious on the hill near the Quonset hut sites and supply building site.


This is the WWII era path from the Quonset huts and supply building back to the radar site.






The power building foundation is located at the end of the Harbor Mountain road, still a  half-mile further than the radar site.


One of the two Quonset hut sites.






Two generator positions are clearly discernable on the power building foundation.


There is another view of the power foundation.


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