Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Harbor Mountain








All photos on this page are from the Richard Pettinger Collection at the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka, Alaska.  Richard Pettinger served in Sitka with the 691 Sig. A.W.  He arrived in 1942 and after a year.  There are 5 pages of his photos on this site.  I have scanned the captions that he wrote for his photos. 

You can also read Richard Pettinger's letter to Sitka


Pettinger Page ONE


Pettinger Page TWO


Pettinger Page FOUR





Hettinger Page FIVE








620 - Ellermen and Mark on top of the Machine gun tower at the radar site.


621 - The Gun Tower






622 - (See caption at right)


622 (reverse)






623 - (See caption at right)


623 (reverse)






624 - Halibut Point Road


648 - A 1/2 Ton Truck






625 - (See caption at right)


625 (reverse)






626 - (See caption at right)


626 (reverse)






627 - (See caption at right)


627 (reverse)


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