Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Biorka Island








I took all of the following photos in the June 2000.  The first two photos are of the SCR-296 radar facilities.  The rest are of Battery 291.





The foundation to the SCR-296 radar operators building on Biorka Island.


The SCR-296 radar tower supports.  The FAA uses the supports for an antenna platform.






The Battery Commander's (BC) station for Battery 291.


Inside the BC station for Battery 291.






The Diesel fuel tanks for Battery 291 are still in place.   The Army removed the pumps and gauges in 1944.


This is the road to Battery 291.  There are at least a dozen collapsed Quonset huts and wooden buildings on either side of the road.






The rear entrance to Battery 291


The power room of Battery 291.  The beds are from the USCG LORAN station crews who prepared Battery 291 as a Tsunami and fallout shelter in the 1960s.






The power room looking towards the Water Cooler room.


The Plotting room.  Note the pads on the ceiling to prevent echoes from the guns.






The Muffler Gallery


The Plotting room from the Spotting room.






Just inside the rear entrance looking at the power room doors and middle corridor.


The side entrance to the front corridor by gun No. 2






Just inside the gun No. 2 entrance


Gun No. 2






The wiring is still in place in Battery 291.


The muffler and Water Cooler room vents for Battery 291.


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