Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Ataku Island








These photos are from summer 1999 and June 2000.  Enlarged views are not available for all photos.





One of the Quonset huts on Ataku Island (2000)


A collapsed wooden building (2000)






The station has a nice view of Terbilon Island and Biorka Island directly to the west. (2000)


This is the front of the B2S2 station.  Note the concrete stilts that raise the battery about 8 feet above the top of the hill. (1999)




The rest of the photos cannot be enlarged and are all from summer 1999.



This is the rear of the B2S2 station that served Battery 291 on Biorka Island.








This view shows the B2S2 station from the collapsed wooden shelter for Searchlight 19.


Another view of the B2S2 station.






B2S2 station


The interior of the B2S2 station.  Note the mount for the DPF targeting instrument.






This is another view of the interior of the B2S2 station.


One of the collapsed wooden buildings near the B2S2 station.






Another collapsed building.  The B2S2 station is visible in the background.  "USA" is stenciled on the wall by my hand.


This is a close-up view of the DPF mount in the B2S2 station.







Here are the remains of the temporary wooden shelter for Searchlight 19.




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